Presentation of a facsimile copy of the Lutsk Psalter, 1384 in Florence

The Psalter was rewritten by the priest-scribe Ivan in 1384 in Lutsk, appeared in the Medicea Laurenziana Library Florence in 20th century, and stayed almost unknown at his home.

After successful researchers of the book, the Gorobets Publishers along with the Volyn Orthodox Church of Ukraine in 2011 made a decision to create a facsimile edition of the Lutsk Psalter, 1384. This book is a highly interesting and significant source for researching the paleography, textology, the development of the Church Slavonic language in the East Slavic area as well as the history of the Ukrainian language. Along with facsimile revival; a number of articles were published. They were dedicated to research of original manuscript (Marcello Garzaniti, Carlo Verdiani, Vadim Krys'ko, Catherine Mary Mc Robert), historical figures that influenced its appearance “The Place of Psalter in Life and Culture” (Archimandrite Ambrose (Makar), NatalIya Rudenko).

The 2013 edition marks the new discovery of the Lutsk Psalter, 1384 and its returning home to the city where it was rewritten more than 600 years ago.