About the project

A great number of manuscripts were created during the times of Kievan Rus’. Unfortunately, not more than 1% of that outstanding heritage of Kievan Rus, which was made in the princely scriptoriums, has remained.That is why every preserved manuscript is not only the precious historical source, but also a real masterpiece of Ukrainian medieval culture. Sadly, the major part of Ukrainian medieval manuscripts is far from the centers in which they were created. These manuscripts are the gems of the book collections in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Austria, Italy, France and other countries. They are carefully preserved and displayed as museum exhibits in the show-cases of the world’s cultural treasures. Some of them are kept in the museum or manuscript collections and are inaccessible to researchers or other people who are interested in the history of Ukrainian manuscripts.

In 2009, the Gorobets Publishers started off the project which is called “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine”.

Its target is to return, in the form of facsimile-copies, the ancient manuscripts that were created in the territory of Ukraine-Rus, but the fate would have had it, they had been scattered to the four winds. Each manuscript had its own way: some were given as a wedding dowry, some were taken by the conquerors, while others became valuable gifts.

Facsimile copies published within the project:

  1. The Lutsk Gospel,14th century (original in Moscow)
  2. The Lutsk Psalter, 1384 (original in Florence, Italy)
  3. The Chelm Gospel, 13th century (original in Moscow)
  4. The Lauryshava Gospel, 14th century (original in Krakow, Poland)
  5. The Reims Gospel (original in Rheims, France)
  6. The Vienna Octoechos,13th century (original in Vienna, Austria)

In 2021 we plan to return to Ukraine:

  1. Gertrude Psalter, 10-11th century (original is in Cividale, Italy)
  2. Prince Vladimir Psalter, 14th century (original is in New York, USA)
  • 6 books returned

    For the period of 8 years, six facsimile copies of manuscripts have been researched and officially published with a total circulation of 4400 copies.

  • Registry created

    This is the first register of the Ukrainian manuscripts abroad created by scientists and Slavists.

  • Support of the Philanthropists

    The project has already been supported by 20 organizations and more than 500 individuals, with contributions ranging from 500 to 100,000 UAH.

  • 7 Countries

    The project was presented in Florence, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Reims, Senlis, Minsk, Krakow, Lviv, Kyiv, Ostroh, Zhytomyr, Moscow and other cities.

  • Presentations on the Media

    1+1, Glas, Pryamoy Kanal broadcasted about the project. The newspapers “Segodnya” and “Den” covered about the project as well. Online presentations were held at UNIAN and Ukrinform


  • The countries from which the books were returned
  • The countries from which the books are planned to be returned

We express our sincere gratitude to the philanthropists and investors, without whose support these publications would not have seen the world.

All philanthropists of the project