Only 1% of manuscripts has left since the time of Kievan Rus’. We are getting them back to historical homeland.

In 2009 the Gorobets Publishers started off the project which in called “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine”. With a help of facsimile-type publications, this project is aimed at making medieval manuscripts, which are outside of Ukraine, available not only to scientists but also to everyone who is interested in history, culture and language of our state.


Books returned

The Lutsk Psalter, 1384

A highly interesting and significant source for researching the paleography, textology, the development of the Church Slavonic language in the East Slavic area as well as the history of the Ukrainian language.


The Lutsk Gospel, 14th century

The Lutsk Gospel of 14th century is one of the oldest East Slavic heritages of Christian culture.


Register of books

We are creating the world's first online register of Ukrainian manuscripts. The purpose of the project is to find and register national manuscript books, which are the heritage of Ukraine and outside of it. 

We were supported
by more than 500 people and 20 organizations. 

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