Participation in the International Book Fair in Krakow

The first acquaintance with the original of The Lauryshava Gospel, 14th century took place at the Princes' Czartoryski Library of the National Museum in Krakow, as well as the first negotiations with the museum management regarding the returnig of the manuscript as a facsimile copy to Ukraine.

In April 2016, an International Book Fair in Krakow was held. Having invited publishers, including the Gorobets Publishers Ukraine presented its stand. We could not miss the chance to look for the Lauryshava Gospel. We managed to arrange a meeting with the museum management.

Our friends and partners assisted in the negotiations in Polish: Valentina Bochkovska, Director of the Museum of Book and Printing in Kyiv and Pavel Sachek, Director of the Typography “Master of Books”. The negotiations were successful and we are so grateful to our partners. As a result, a facsimile copy of the Lauryshava Gospel of the 14th  century saw the world in 2018.

Our publishing house is grateful to the community of Krakow and to the library staff for the careful preservation of the original Lauryshava Gospel.

We believe that this will be an interesting and useful cooperation for our countries, which result will be the returning of our relic to Ukraine, in the form of a facsimile copy. A book that we will be able to revive and bring back to the modern life together with you with, and God's help, will become a book with a capital letter to our posterity.