Presentation of a facsimile copy of the Vienna Octoechos, 13th century at the University of Vienna

On October 17th, 2019 a presentation of the facsimile edition of the Vienna Octoechos of the 13th century with the assistance of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation took place at the University of Vienna (Universität Wien). This facsimile edition was created as part of our project “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine”.

The presentation was held at the University, where the Ukrainian manuscript was researched. The publication was presented by project curator Anna Gorobets. Young scientists, led by Slavic scientist Heinz Miklas, presented the results of a chemical and multispectral analysis of the The Vienna Octoechos of the 13th century.

The manuscript was called after its place of storage - the Austrian National Library in Vienna. However, it was created in the territory of our country in the 12th -13th centuries. The manuscript remained virtually unknown at home. It was researched by Austrians, Germans, and Russians. Therefore, the returning of this literary heritage was a current event. Austrian partners carried out innovative work - multispectral and chemical analysis of the Ukrainian manuscript. And our scientists will be able to study the linguistic features of the manuscript, the history and culture of medieval Ukraine.

We would remind that the presentation of the Vienna Octoechos will take place at the same time with the presentation of the Reims Gospel in National Reserve “St. Sophia of Kyiv” in Ukraine on October 22th, 2019.