Facsimile copy of Lutsk Gospel of 14th century was presented to Patriarch Bartholomew

In 2013, the Lutsk Gospel of 14th century was given to Professor Vasily Yaremenko with his wife and son Bohdan Yaremenko, who at that time was the ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey.

Professor Vasily Yaremenko visited Istanbul, where he met with His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew. The conversation with the bishop, according to Vasily Vasilyevich, was extremely warm and informative.

“… The occasion for the meeting was the appearance of the unique masterpiece of the times of Kievan Rus’ the Lutsk Gospel. It is a monument to the time when Byzantium was our spiritual center and Constantinople was considered the ideological capital. Therefore, the Lutsk Gospel confirms a direct connection with the Byzantine Patriarchate, which is the mother church for the Ukrainian Church.

His Holiness, turning the pages of the book over, expressed his admiration and asked to express his honor to Father Onuphriy (the initiator of the republication) and the Gorobets Publishers, where the book saw the world…". The project team “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine” is extremely nice to see a facsimile copy of Lutsk Gospel of 14th century in the hands of His Holiness.