Register «Ukrainian manuscripts»

It is a burning issue for a permanent project “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine” finding Ukrainian manuscripts in foreign state institutions and private collections.


Purpose of the register is to find and register national manuscript books, which are the heritage of Ukraine and outside of it. It will help the heritage to be fairly appreciated as national, historically-cultural and scientific wealth, as well as to set the priorities towards the publication of the manuscripts. It will contribute to getting back the Ukrainian manuscript heritage to Ukraine in facsimile and others scientific editions, in scientists’ researches. 


The target of the register is to record the main aerographic, palaeography and codicology mete data of each manuscript or its fragment according to the major traits: name (currently accepted); period of creation; format and size; place and print of preservation; description (published); year of publication (paper); electronic edition; electronic version (presented on official site of foreign state institutions or publishing houses, including domestic and private sites, with copyright protection).
The Register should become an informative scientific source of Ukrainian manuscript books, which are outside of Ukraine, for scientists and other people who are interested in ancient Ukrainian written culture.

Currently register is working in a test mode based on written manuscripts which were returned thanks to this project in editions:

  • The Lutsk Gospel, 14th century. Facsimile edition. К. : Gorobets, 2011. 526p., addition
  • The Lutsk Psalter, 1384. Facsimile edition. К. : Gorobets, 2013. 512p.
  • The Chelm Gospel,13th century. Publishing facsimile edition. K.: Gorobets, 2015. 384p., ill.
  • The Lauryshava Gospel, 14th century. Publishing facsimile edition. Research. K.: Gorobets, 2018.468p., ill.
  • The Vienna Octoechos,12-13th centuries. Publishing facsimile edition. K.: Gorobets, 2019. 608 p., ill.
  • The Reims Gospel. Publishing facsimile edition. Research in 2p. P.1. Facsimile. 120p., P.2. Research. 148p. K.: Gorobets, 2019

We invite scientists who research the Ukrainian handwritten heritage to work on the register.